Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a crucial way to get your business and message out to the masses. But who has time to manage and regularly update the countless number of profiles?

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The Top Five

Here’s what we consider the top five social media platforms for businesses, especially when it comes to advertising. Keep in mind: not all business will find the same social media platforms to be useful. We can help clarify which apps will be best for your business and help you reach and increase your customer base.


Facebook is still is sitting at the top of the leader boards when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Having a facebook page for your business is a must, but being able to take advantage of it as a free tool requires some work.

The Paid Advertising side of Facebook Marketing is also incredibly useful, and can be customized to convert clicks in whatever way you need- be it page likes, website clicks, shop now prompts, and much more.


While originally associated with selfies and overly filtered photos of someones dinner, Instagram is now becoming the “it” place for businesses to advertise and promote. It can be the perfect way to use guerrilla-like advertising.

If you have active followers, and create quality content, users will pay attention to what you post. Conversion rates aren’t as high, but engagement to posts are soaring which can leave lasting impressions on your customer base.

Google My Business

Having a Google My Business page should be one of the first things that you create after your website. It puts you on the map (literally) and makes sure that the World’s #1 search engine can easily find and recognize you.

It also gives a chance for potential customers to find crucial information such as location, hours, and reviews of your services.


Twitter limits your characters, so use them wisely. What they don’t limit is for your ability to interact with an unlimited number of people on a local and global scale. Increase your website traffic, gain followers, and more with Twitter.

It can easily be linked to share posts from other outlets, and provides a way to make advertising quick, concise, and worth the cost.


YouTube is so much more than videos of cats being startled by cucumbers. Businesses have been using YouTube to advertise in many different forms. Sidebar advertisements, channel sponsors, video ads and more all can reach a visitor within a two minute visit to the site.

Another great way to use YouTube is by making content for your customers and sharing it via other forms of Social Media. Live streaming, promotional videos, and tutorials can all help to increase your personal connection with your customers.

As we mentioned before, this Top 5 might be different for your business needs, and we can help you determine which social media apps you should distribute resources to.

Here are a few more options to take a look at and consider for your social media marketing campaign.


linkedin-logoLinkedIn- Advertise to the business world! You can create a LinkedIn profile to get endorsed by your professional connections and spread the word about your experience and what you do. It’s also a good way to advertise to others on the site, be it other employers, business owners, or potential employees. Well placed ads can increase your reputation and visibility in the online professional world.



Yelp-LogoYelp- getting your business on this popular site and app with a few good reviews and photos gives a good boost to your chances of gaining some new traffic to your business.


Angie's List

angieslist-logoAngie’s List- This is a good way to find some reliable clients, especially if you’re offering professional services or trade work, rather than products. Reliable clients produces reliable reviews, and more referrals to your business.



pinterest-logoPinterest- More than just a website full of kitschy craft ideas, with a Pinterest Business account, you can actually get approved for promoted pins (ads) by Pinterest and reach out to some more potential clients and customers.


Thumbtack- If you have a service to offer, it’s a good idea to be promoting on Thumbtack. This service connects consumers with professionals and helps them get quotes and estimates. It’s just one more way to get your business on a platform to make connections and close sales.

Missing something? Snapchat, Whatsapp, or field specific social media is always an option for you! Please feel free to contact us with questions about other social media marketing opportunities.

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